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 Worth knowing about nature intestines  
 Sausage is already manufactured for centuries into nature intestines. Therefore one can state rightfully the she is the oldest "packaging"
 represent for sausage. They are characterised by a set of advantages,  which make them indispensable in the sausage prodution:
  • Neutrally in the taste

  • Good smoking characteristics

  • Knackiger Bite

  • Ecology

These advantages lead to the fact that despite the offer about art intestines nature intestines enjoy of invariably high popularity.
This occupies also a market study of the GFK, Germany:
"Offerers of sausage in nature intestines behave corresponding to real market conditions".
Which animal supplies which intestine?

Each intestine places bring along certain characteristics, which are for the production of the different sausage sorts of advantage. Cattle intestines such as wreath/ring and central intestine, greasing and Butte are outstanding suitable as covering for high-quality raw-, cook- and "Brüh"-sausage.